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    High quality TZ upright and rail range, manufactured using cold-profiling steel sheet with certified galvanisation. Perfiles versátiles y de aVersatile, high-strength profiles manufactured from structural steel and compatible with any type of façade or roof plaque.

    Load-bearing structure for ventilated or blind façades and lightweight roofs of cemented plaques for outside use.

    Applicable quality & standards
    CEProfile manufactured and certificated according to UNE-EN 1090 (steel profiles for structural use).
    Manufacturing certificate type 2.1 and certificate of raw material origin.
    Steel grade S220GD (to UNE-EN 10346 standard).
    Galvanised type Z275 (275 g/m2).

    • Outdoor upright range: Web between 50 and 150 mm and flange of 50 mm.
    • Outdoor rail range: Web between 50 and 150 mm and flange of 40 mm.
    • Thicknesses: Between 0.7 and 2.0 mm.
    • Standard lenght: 3000 mm.
    • Steel grade: Structural steel S220GD (according to UNE-EN 10346 standard).
    • Coating: Hot type Z275 galvanisation (275 g/m²).
    • Durability: Z275 galvanisation provides high corrosion resistance, thus guaranteeing high durability for profile use in outside environments (façades and roofs). System is compatible with any type of outside-use plaque. .
    • Sistema compatible con cualquier tipo de placa para exteriores.

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      Industrial building
      Commercial building
      Residential building
      Public centres and civil works
      Agricultural sector
      Industrial sector
      Solar energy sector
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