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Lucernario BOVEDA

Modular cellular polycarbonate skylight, with high protection against UV rays, high durability, high thermal insulation, exceptional watertightness and high resistance to shocks and hail impacts.
Its microcell structure transmits natural light uniformly and, thanks to its modular design with joints using stiffening omegas, it can be installed with no length limit.

The TZ-BÓVEDA skylight has been designed to be modulated with the TZ-C panel, and can be installed both on the pitches and on the ridge.

Natural lighting in insulating roofs executed with the TZ-C panel for industrial, residential, commercial buildings and sports facilities.

For the radius of curvature of 1,350 mm, the plates are supplied curved by thermoforming. By using aluminum spacers and 16mm thick plates, larger width configurations are possible. Consult Kingspan Technical Department.
  • Position:                                                    Pitches                                     Ridge
  • Distance between supports:                 1,150 mm                                 max. 2,000 mm
  • Radii of curvature:                                  1,350 / 2,500 mm                    1,350 / 2,500 mm

Technical features
  • Standard thickness: 10 mm
  • Cellular pattern: Hexagonal
  • Panel width: 600 mm
  • Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +120ºC
  • Hail resistance:  Yes (tested according to ASTM E-822-81)
  • UV transmission: Less than 0,1%
  • Fire resistance rating: Euroclass B-s1,d0
  • Expansion coefficient: 0,065 mm/mºC (linear)
The TZ-BÓVEDA polycarbonate skylight kit is supplied with all the profiles, clips and flashings necessary for its complete installation.

Omega PC

Polycarbonate binding omegas
The boards of the TZ-BOVEDA skylight are joined together by means of a highly rigid polycarbonate omega, which provides the system with a high load capacity and high resistance to hail impacts.
The exclusive design of the joint between the omega and the plates guarantees maximum air and water tightness.


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      Industrial building
      Commercial building
      Residential building
      Public centres and civil works
      Agricultural sector
      Industrial sector
      Solar energy sector
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