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  • Lamas IBEO-250 Lamas IBEO-250 Lamas IBEO-250
    The IBEO-250 system is an integral and innovative solution for ventilated facade, easy to assemble, competitive cost and excellent performance.
    With a quick and easy assembly thanks to its unique hidden joint interlocking, the IBEO-250 system increases the overall thermal insulation of the facade. Therefore, the cost of air conditioning of the building is reduced, leading to significant energy savings.

    Constructive system suitable for both new buildings and façade rehabilitation:

    O-250 ENERGY
    Facade for new buildings construction. It combines the high thermal insulation of the HI-F sandwich panel with a ventilated facade with an excellent aesthetic finish.

    O-250 REHAB
    System for rehabilitation purposes. Ventilated facades with fast execution and competitive cost for existing buildings.

    O-250 REHAB+
    System for rehabilitation purposes. Coating of high architectural value with additional thermal insulation.

  • Flashings and Complements
    The flashings range for O-250 system has been specifically developed, and includes all the most common standard needs. TECZONE manufactures, in addition, tailored and customizable finishes, to respond to any additional project requirement.

    Some examples of finishings for IBEO-250 system: 


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