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    High-quality TZ corner profile range, manufactured using cold-profiling using steel sheet with certified galvanisation.
    Wide, versatile range with angle profiles and various flange heights.

    Perimeter profiles and finishes for continuous suspended false ceilings with single or double structures and gypsum plasterboard (PYL) partitioning.
    L25/25 P profile: Perforated angle for corner reinforcement.

    Applicable quality & standards
    CE AENOR NFUNE-EN 14195 standard.
    RP53.12 AENOR standard.
    French NF411 standard.
    Product certified with the N Quality assurance stamp of AENOR.
    Product certified with the NF Quality assurance stamp of CSTB (France).

    • Standard lenght: 3,000 mm.
    • Steel grade: DX51D (according to UNE-EN 10346).
    • Coatings: 
      Angle profiles (standard): 
      Hot type Z140 galvanisation (140 g/m²). 
      Angle profiles (with NF certificate): Hot type Z275 galvanisation (275 g/m²) or Aluzinc type AZ100 (100 g/m²).
    • Reaction to fire: EUROCLASS A1 (non combustible).
    • Suspended ceiling fire resistance: Depending on the suspended ceiling configuration, up to EI90 (90 minutes), accredited by laboratory testing.
    • Partitioning fire resistance: Depending on the configuration, up to EI180 (180 minutes), accredited by laboratory testing.
    • Knurled or fluted surface to facilitate plaque screwing.
    • Lips with folds to prevent cuts and accidents during assembly.

    • tz footerAPPLICATIONS

      Industrial building
      Commercial building
      Residential building
      Public centres and civil works
      Agricultural sector
      Industrial sector
      Solar energy sector
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