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  • Paneles MyWall
    Architectural metal envelope systems for facades.


    High quality structural steel
    Manufactured with hot-dip galvanized structural steel sheet S220GD, 0.6 or 0.7 mm thick(*), MyWall profiles are very efficient at a structural level, allowing to cover a wide range of loads and spans between supports.
    (*) Other steel grades and thicknesses on request.

    Colors and coatings
    MyWall profiles can be manufactured in a wide range of colors and with a wide range of highly durable coatings, selectable according to the aggressiveness of the building's environment.

    MyWall, modular system for architectural metal facades
    Teczone Kingspan's new MyWall system offers exceptional technical performance, at an optimized cost, for the execution of metal envelopes with an excellent architectural finish.

    The MyWall metal profiles incorporate a variety of shapes and rhythms (symmetrical triangular, flattened, asymmetrical triangular greys, and square shapes) and allow the combination of different geometric shapes in the same profile.

    The MyWall profile manufacturing system allows a high degree of customization, both in terms of the number of ribs and their geometry and position in the profile. This geometric flexibility, together with a wide range of available colors and coatings, gives architects, designers and technicians a high degree of flexibility and creative freedom in the design of metal building envelopes.The MyWall architectural envelope system provides architects and designers with the flexibility, freedom and degree of customization needed to create harmonious, dynamic envelopes that are integrated into their environment.

  • correasProfile section and overlap details
    Range of TZ steel purlins with depths up to 350 mm and thicknesses up to 3 mm.

    Icona remates complementosFinishing and complement elements
    Conventional, die-stamped or curved finishes and ventilation systems.

    coloresColour chart
    A wide range of colours and coatings.

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